Rules and Regulations for 2014

  1. No Dogs off lead at any time without supervision
  2. Keep to the allotted areas.
  3. No bitches in season
  4. Children are welcome but must be under parental control.
  5. Please remove all dog mess.
  6. We do not permit the use of electric collars.
  7. We have a code of conduct. Please be aware of this. More information in our brochure.
  8. Junior members to be accompanied on the field by parent or gaurdian.


It is the responsibility of all dog handlers to clear up after their dog. Please keep control of your dog at all times.

Christchurch & District Gundog Club are not held responsible for any damage caused by or to, vehicles, people or dogs before, during or after a training session.

Data Protection Policy

The details you provided on your application to join form are kept in a secure file on the membership secretaries PC. We will not disclose this information to any person or organization other than officers of the club when necessary. It will only be used to inform you of matters relating to the club and this will be kept to an absolute minimum. You can ask to have your information removed or to see the full data protection policy at any time.

Constitution 2008 (Amended Jan 2018)

Name and Purpose

  1. The club shall be called Christchurch and District Gundog Club (C.D.G.C.)

  2. The aim of the club is to encourage training of all gundogs.


  3. The club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Committee and an unlimited nunber of members. A list of members and their addresses shall be recorded by the sectetary and made available for inspection by members if so requested.     


  4. (a) The business of the club shall be conducted by the chairman, vice chairman, hon secretary, hon treasure and a committee of upto eight members. The chairman of the club shall be the chief executive officer at committee meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGM).

     (b) The officers and committee shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

Election of executive and club members

  5. Club members shall be elected upon application to the secretary. All new candidates for membership shall be proposed and seconded by paid up members of C.D.G.C.

  6.  The election of members to the executive shall be by ballot at the AGM. Nominations of club members wishing to stand for election as an officer or for committee must be forwarded to the secretary no later than three weeks before the AGM. A nomination must be approved by the nominee and have a proposer and seconder. A club member, to be elegible for election to the executive, must have been a club member for a minimum of twelve months immediately prior to the election.


  6. (a) The annual general meeting shall be held before the end of February each year. Fourteen days notice shall be given, in writing, to all members of the proposed meeting.

     (b) The meeting shall recieve and examine the treasurers statement of accounts and balance for the previous year. It will complete the election of officers and committee and transact such business as may be necessary. Ten members shall form a quorum. No business shall be transacted at an AGM unless already notified on the agenda. All items for inclusion on the agenda to be notified to the hon. secretary not later than three weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

    (c) Seven clear days notice shall be given of a committee meeting which may be called by the chairman and, in his absence, the secretary. Five members shall form a quorum.

    (d) A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called by the committee or on receipt of a requisition signed by at least 25% of the club membership. The meeting shall be held within four weeks of such notice. No business other than that detailed in the requisition shall be brought before a SGM.

    (e) Membership must have paid for the current year before club members are allowed to attend any AGM or SGM or be entitled to the privileges of membership.


  7. (a) The financial year of the club shall be from 1st January to 31st December of each calander year. All revenue of the club shall be paid into the clubs bank account and withdrawals shall only be made on the signatures of two of the following: Hon Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon.Treasurer or one committee member as nominated by the committee.

      (b) The accounts shall be presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting.


  8. The annual subscription shall be £10 per person, £15 for joint members and £2 for junior members (under 16 YOA). No other form of payment shall entitle any person to club membership.

Alterations to rules

  9. The rules of the club cannot be altered except at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting notice of which must include details of the proposed rule changes.

Power of the committee

  10. (a) In addition to the powers conferred on them in the previous rules, the committee shall have the power to appoint working parties to deal with events organised by the committee. Working parties shall be answerable to the committee, the acting head of each working party shall be a member of the committee.

      (b) At the discretion  of the committee any member who fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings, without valid reason, shall have his or her name struck off the list of committee members.

Disbandment of club (disposal of assets)

  11. Upon the disbandment of the club a Special General Meeting shall be called for a decision about the disposal of all club assets.



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