The new traing ground is working out very well, we have had a few sessions there now and judging by the number of dogs we are seeing it seems most of you are enjoying the extra space and the hedges, woodland, rough ground and long grass are proving a real challange for our dogs. Don't forget the speed (sorry, saftey) cameras when arriving and leaving!

Assessment Day 2018

Another great assessment day with around forty five entries, the first on our new ground. Although it was a very hot day there is plenty of shade and I have rarely seen so many bottles of water so everyone and their dogs stayed well and hydrated throughout. I think everyone had a good time and it was nice that everyone stayed for the prize giving, Thankyou.
There were tests throughout the day with seperate classes for puppies, beginners and advanced dogs in both Retriever and Spaniel groups, so all had a chance to win a rosette or cup. If you have not been to an assessment day, don't be put off, it is a good day which all the family is welcome to attend and with a picnic lunch and the opportunity to chat with the other club members there is nothing not to like.

As usual our thanks go to our judges who did a great job with very fair marking and lots of words of wisdom and advice from very experienced handlers, thanks to Henrietta Fletcher who judged the retrievers and David and Diana who judged the Spaniels.

Puppy retievers, 1st Fleur Broderick with Moss, 2nd Jenny Gribble with Robbie, 3rd Pete Dally with Bracken.
Beginner retrievers, 1st Barbara Lidbury with Berry, 2nd Mark Jones with Loki, 3rd Heather Smith with Timba, 4th Jenny Beard with Lexi, 5th Kevin Rockett with Jasper
Advanced retrievers, Lin Howlett with Ella, 2nd Anne Law with Beamish, 3rd Pat Hulme with Rufus, 4th Anne Dally with Fern, 5th Fleur Broderick with Riv.

The retriever that the judge would most like to take home was -------  Dylas handled by Malcolm Smith.

Spaniel puppies, 1st Jane Tayler-Ball with Fizz, 2nd Lee Cunnah with Loki, 3rd Adrian Lewis with Alfie

Spaniel beginners, 1st Mark Petty with Jet, 2nd Dougie Grieve with River, 3rd Barry Juniper with Lara, 4th Michelle Gormley with Bella, 5th Matt Hayfield with Kes.

Spaniel advanced, !st Debbie Hobbs with Mia, 2nd John Bradley with Murphy, 3rd Kathy Cleary with Pootle, 4th Andy Green with Poppy, 5th Paul Fisher with Floss.

The Spaniel the judge would most like to take home was Jet with a special award for Briggs who was the naughtiest spaniel.


Christchurch Gundog Club have moved! We will no longer be meeting at Parley!!!!!

As from our scheduled training day on 15th April we will be meeting at a new ground at Three Legged Cross.
Your committee has recognised for some time that the facilities we had at Parley are a bit limited and in view of the fact that our field there is threatened with redevelopment, we have for the last few months been searching far and wide for new grounds more suited to our needs. Julie has spoken to a few of her contacts and has managed to secure these promising new grounds for the forseeable future.
We realise that it may be a bit further to travel for some of you (but will be closer for others) but the better facility will be worth it. There are even portaloos on site! For the first few weeks please take note of any parking instructions you may be given on the day.
The full address of this new site is Holt Road, Three Legged Cross, BH21 6SE, which is just past the little roundabout in 3.L.C., by the sawmill, our usual signs will be out to help you find the entrance.
We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us at this exciting new venue from the 15th April and if you have any comments or queries Brian will be pleased to hear from you.

Christchurch and District Gundog Club Award Scheme

Lots of you have been asking for something to aim at to show your achievements in gundog training. As a result the Christchurch and District Gundog Award Scheme has been devised. Certificates will be awarded at three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold and at each level a series of exercises will have to be completed. Each exercise will have to be demonstrated to the satisfaction of three seperate trainers on three different occasions thereby showing that you and your dog can reliably achieve the required standard. The assessments will happen on normal training days probably at the end of a training session. When you have practiced a particular exercise and your dog can perform it reliably talk to your trainer and he or she will be pleased to assess you and sign your record card. When you have three signatures for each exercise you will be awarded an attractive certificate. The tests for retrievers and spaniels are similar but with spaniels working over a slightly shorter distance. All tests will be off lead. The list of tests follows and a pack is available on training mornings which includes your personal record card and a copy of the required tests. There is a small charge to enter the scheme of £5.00 per dog.


Heel - Handler to walk with dog at heel 20 yds off lead, handler and dog about turn and return to start.

Sit - Handler to command dog to sit, leave dog 10 yds turn and return to dog, dog not to move.

Stay - Handler to leave dog 20 yds (15yds spaniel) turn face dog, one command may be given. Dog must remain at sit for 2 minutes handler to return to dog.

Recall - Handler to leave dog 20 yds (15 yds spaniel) call dog, voice or whistle, dog must come without delay, sit in front of handler and on command return to heel. Return to heel not necessary for spaniel.

Retrieve 1 - Straight marked retrieve 10 yds, dog to be sent on command retrieve dummy to hand and return to heel. Return to heel not necessary for spaniel.

Retrieve 2 - Straight marked retrieve 20 yds, dog to be sent on command, retrieve dummy to hand and return to heel. Return to heel not necessary for spaniel.


Lots of you have now achieved your Bronze and very well done to you all.

Why not now have a go at the new SILVER AWARD which is aimed more towards gundog skills? Full details of the tests are in your Yearbook.

We have a few members now who have passed their SILVER and several more who are very close.

After much deliberation we have decided on the GOLD AWARD tests. Full details are in your YEARBOOK. The test will be held at a venue new to the dogs and will consist of five one off test on a pass or fail bases. The tests will be held up to two times a year as demand dictates.



Christmas dinner, 14th Dec at New Queen.

Away Day

We have an Away Day organized for 7th October at Bog Farm. Start time will be 9.30 for 10am start. Full details will be at the office.


2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM was held as usual at Bransgore village hall and it was good to see that lots of member make the effort to attend on this freezing cold night.

We heard from the Chairman and Secretary about the progress of the club and plans for next year, the secretary noted that we have had lots of new members,which is a healthy sign, and the chairman said that he is pleased with the continuing improvement of the dogs (and handlers!) with some evidence that 'homework' may be being done!

The wine and nibbles where, I hope, enjoyed by all and it was great to be able to catch up with the gossip and hear about everyones achievments since last year.

As usual awards were presented to those dogs and handlers that, in the opinion of the trainers, had progressed particularly well in 2016 and these were as follows;

Most improved retriever handler- Darren White with Nikko
Most improved retriever- Touca handled by Emma Hughes
Most improved spaniel handler- Angie Grieve with River
Most improved spaniel dog- Murphy handled by John Bradley


Anne Dally and Fern were recently invited to join the Wessex team for the Flatcoated Retriever Inter Centre Team Challenge in Warwick competing against teams from other centres all over the UK. Not only did Wessex team win the event but Anne and Fern won the award for best Novice Dog and Novice Handler winning rosettes and a trophy. Very well done. Have a look on the pictures page to see Anne, Fern and their winnings.

See what you can achieve by listening to your trainers!


It is surprisingly difficult to find really good action shots of dogs under going training for use on our website and in our yearbook, so if you have some pictures you are really pleased with and would like them published on this site please email to or hand to me at a training day.




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August  5, 19               (5th is Assessment day)

September  2, 16, 30

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November  11, 25

December  9                      (Christmas Funday)




Please note that we are no longer able to accept PAY PAL as a method of payment.




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