Aims of the Club 

The aims of the club are to provide you with the knowledge and experience to train your gundog so that you have an obedient and sociable pet which is a joy to live with, but has the steadiness and basic training required to perform on the shooting field should that be your wish.IMG 1431 (4)

We aim to achieve this in a reward based manner without any harsh handling of the dogs, we do not use electric collars.

Anyone can train their dog and everyone should be encouraged to do so, a well trained dog is a happy dog. Dogs by their nature like routine and need to know their boundaries both behaviourally and territorially and will become happier and more relaxed once they understand these. Part of our aim is to help you establish these boundaries by regular training.

Of course an hour or so on alternate Sundays won't do that, unless you are very lucky, and you will need to put in some 'homework' based on the things you have learned during the training session. If you stick at it you will be amazed, when you look back, how you and your dog have come on and how much more fun you are having without the stress of constantly having to correct your dog.

We do not aim to train field trial champions, this would take a lot more time than we have on a Sunday morning, but should you wish to do so there is a lot of help available and your first point of contact should be your breed club. They will understand the particular requirements of your breed and most run specific courses.

We are also keen to encourage junior members and if your child is over 10 years of age and would like to work their dog they would be most welcome.

A number of our members take part in other dog related activities including working tests, showing, obedience, picking up etc. and would be pleased to help you along your chosen route should you wish.

We also arrange 'Away Days' two or three times a year when we visit a different training ground and sometimes with different trainers which gives the dogs something new to think about. Notice of away days will be given in plenty of time at a training session and via this site.