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You don't need a lot of equipment to begin your gundog training but there are a few things you will find useful.

We recommend using a simple slip lead when training, these are quick and easy to get on and off and give you a lot of control, secondly you will find a whistle useful. The sooner you get your dog used to whistle commands the better and it will pay dividends when, as yMel and Lynou progress, you begin working at distance click here articles/whistles.html.

The final thing to consider is a training dummy, we tend to use club dummies at training sessions but if you have your own you will soon find that your dog will realize the difference between training with the dummy, when they do as they are told, and play, with a tennis ball for instance.

Mel and Lyn have many examples of standard equipment and are always happy to help you choose. They can get anything dog related for you for the next session, just ask to see the catalogue.

They are also able to supply Christchurch Gundog Club merchandise i.e. embroidered T shirts, sweatshirts, jackets etc. These are top quality and make great gifts. Ask to see the range.

We also have an arrangement with Cotswold Outdoor who supply a massive range of outdoor equipment including boots and clothing. Visit and enter the discount code which you will find in your welcome leaflet, or can be obtained from the 'office', to receive a 15% discount.