Joining the Club 

If you are interested in joining the Christchurch and District Gundog Cub we would first ask you to contact the chairman, by telephone 01425 673082 (between 6-9 PM please) or via the Contact Us Form (preferred) and you will be told when the next intake day is. We try to take new people once a month.

 Your first session will be free of charge and you will be given an introduction to the club and have a chance to ask any questions, you will then join in with a normal training session depending on your experience to date.

 If you think the club is for you and would like to join then ask for an application form at the 'office' and bring it with you to the next session with your joining fee.

Junior members are welcome over ten years of age but should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible person.

The fees are   Annual membership         £10 per person

           Joint membership           £15 per couple (same address)

           Junior membership (10-16yoa) £3 

           Each training session         £7

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