Assessment day 2023

The assessment day this year was a great success with around fifty entries of spaniels and retrievers.

Our thanks as always go to the independent trainers who give up their time on the day to assess our efforts on the field. More than this they are prepared to impart their knowledge to help us on.

Special thanks to Alice who took on the retrievers and to Nick and Sue who stepped in at the last minute to assess the spaniels, many thanks to you all.

The winners are as follows,

Retriever Puppy

Philip Huges with Ember

Peter Cherry with Tarka

Robert Guppy with Monty

Zara Toop with Clover

Van Bray with Echo.

Retriever Beginners (A)

June Couts with Rowan

Graeme Miller with Chester

Sue Crane with Anders

Alex Wareham with Eric

Retriever Beginners (B)

Roger Gomm with Luna

Judy Gillow with Tiggy

Janice Smith with Maverick

Johanna Brown with Lily

Melanie Newman with Woody

Retrievers Advanced

Mark Haslington wih Bonnie

Anne Peers with Smudge

Janie Murphy with Delphi

Tim Jenkins with Reggie

Mandy Eames with Summer

Spaniel Beginners

Michelle Gormley with Ruby

Nick Richings with Braxton

Donna Otton with Jack

April Dean with Woody

Steve Walker with Colin

Spaniel Advanced

Alison Tilbury with Maggie

Sarah Harvey with Decker

Emma Jones with Ralph

David Halfon-Hobbs with Dexter

Sara Harvey with Mars

There where two specal Awards for to Dog the Trainer would most like to take Home, these where won by Ruby and Reggie.

Awayday at Tarrant Hinton Feb 2023

Great fun was had by all at this event and from the feedback we have received it was a very successful day. Our dogs usually benefit greatly from these day outs getting the opportunity to try out new exiting skills and both they and their handlers learn a lot.

Our thanks go to Marc and Julie for running the day and Sarah and Jill for organizing the venue. A few pictures follow for which we thank Carl.







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Bog Farm Away Day 7th October.

Once again our thanks to Julie for the use of her farm to hold an Away Day.

Nearly 40 members attended and I hope all had fun. The classes this time combined Retrievers and Spaniels in the various abilities and it was nice to have a chat and a laugh with the people we don't often meet.

Some of the exercises were quite challenging but I think we were surprised how well the dogs coped, and it taught the handlers a lot as well, 'trust your dog'.

Many thanks also to Julie for providing copious sausage rolls and a little 'pick u up' at lunchtime.

Those of you who couldn't make it missed a good day. Hope to see you next time.

Sammie and Louis judges choice Ss judges choice R