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Flat Coated Retriever Society Obedience Award.

Most of you will know that Pam our treasurer handles the liver Flatcoat 'Tally' during a normal training session. 'Tally' is owned by Jenny Haines who often helps Pam on the desk on a Sunday. What you may not know is that when not working for Christchurch Gundogs Pam and Tally take part in obedience competition nationally. Each year the Flatcoated Retriever Society awards a trophy to the flatcoat which has gained the most obedience points that year, and Pam and Tally won this trophy last year. The picture shows them receiving it at the society AGM recently.

Congratulations and well done to all, see what can be achieved if you listen to your trainers and put in a little homework!

Annual General Meeting 2019

Our AGM this year was held as usual at Bransgore Village hall with around 40 members attending, it was great to see the larger than usual numbers, perhaps it was because it was a few weeks later in the year or maybe because the weather was a lot kinder this year.
We heard from Brian about the healthy state of the club and the rise in member numbers and also about the success of the new training ground, lets hope we can continue to train here for a good while.
All officers and committee members were re elected and Pam explained the ins and outs of the balance sheet which suggests that, with the rise in member numbers, we won't be increasing training fees in the short term which makes our club very good value.
After the official work was over we enjoyed the wine and buffet and the chance of a natter with the other members.
Thanks to all who made the effort to attend this year.
The prestigious Annual Awards for 2018 were awarded as follows.
Most improved Dog retriever -Barley handled by Jim Eames
Most improved Dog spaniel -Fizz handled by Jane Taylor Ball
Most improved Handler retriever -Kevin Rockett
Most improved Handler spaniel -Andrew Fleming.

Assessment Day 2018

Another very successful Assessment day with around 45 entries. Despite it being a very warm day there is plenty of shade on this ground and everyone brought loads of water so dogs and people stayed well hydrated. I hope everyone enjoyed the day and all stayed for the prize giving which was great, thank you.

The day consisted of three tests for each of puppies, beginners and advanced dogs in both Retriever and Spaniel groups so there was lots of opportunities to win one of the rosettes or trophies and many congratulations to those who did, it shows that all the work pays off in the end.


To anyone who hasn't been to an Assessment Day, please try to join in next time, it is fun and you won't be asked to do anything you haven't already tried in training and the chances are your dog will surprise you.

Of course we have to thank our testers on the day who were Henrietta Fletcher for the retrievers and David and Diana for the Spaniels, thank you for giving up your Sunday.

What a clever puppyFlat coat family


Retriever Puppies

1st, Fleur Broderick with Moss, 2nd Jenny Gribble with Robbie, 3rd, Pete Dally with Bracken.

Retriever Beginners

1st, Barbara Lidbury, Berry, 2nd Mark Jones, Loki, 3rd, Heather Smith, Timba, 4th, Jenny Beard, Lexi, 5th, Kevin Rockett, Jasper.

Retriever Advanced

1st, Lin Howlet, Ella, 2nd, Anne Law, Beamish, 3rd, Pat Hulme, Rufus, 4th, Anne Dally, Fern, 5th,Fleur Broderick, Riv.

Spaniel Puppies

1st, Jane Taylor-Ball, Fizz, 2nd Lee Cunnah, Loki, 3rd, Adrian Lewis, Alfie.

Spaniel Beginners

1st, Mark Petty, Jet, 2nd, Dougie Grieves, River, 3rd, Barry Juniper, Lara, 4th, Michelle Gormley, Bella, 5th, Matt Hayfield, Kes.

Spaniel Advanced

1st, Debbie Hobbs, Mia, 2nd, John Bradley, Murphy, 3rd, Kathy Cleary, Pootle, 4th, Andy Green, Poppy, 5th, Paul Fisher, Floss.

The retriever that the judge wanted to take home was Dyills, Malcom Smith and the spaniel was Jet, Mark Petty.

Bog Farm Away Day 7th October.

Once again our thanks to Julie for the use of her farm to hold an Away Day.

Nearly 40 members attended and I hope all had fun. The classes this time combined Retrievers and Spaniels in the various abilities and it was nice to have a chat and a laugh with the people we don't often meet.

Some of the exercises were quite challenging but I think we were surprised how well the dogs coped, and it taught the handlers a lot as well, 'trust your dog'.

Many thanks also to Julie for providing copious sausage rolls and a little 'pick u up' at lunchtime.

Those of you who couldn't make it missed a good day. Hope to see you next time.